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Dishing with Carolina Chefs
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Food and Travel Food and Travel
This book features the shared joys and adventures of Maralyn and Brenda Hill as they gathered stories, recipes, and tips from chefs worldwide.

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Love Affairs Reader's and Reviewer's Comments:

"It is a lovely book…"—Julia Child, Author and Chef, Santa Barbara, CA

"Maralyn and Brenda's book is a wonderful gift for our professional industry"—Executive Chef Hector Diaz, Canada

"The commitment you've made to the pure love of food is both flattering and admirable. Thanks for the effort!"—Chef Joe Trevino, Tucson, AZ

"…To put it simply, this book is just fun to read."—Margot Petit Nichols, Reviewer, Carmel, CA

"Anyone who makes a habit of tuning into the Food Network—either out of boredom, curiosity or good armchair cooking fun—will revel in this cuisine and restaurant tour through six continents. It's an informative and inside look at world chefs (and their restaurants) that makes for an intriguing read for the non-cooking inclined, but a gold mine for those wanting solid step-by-step recipes and superb instruction (and secrets!) from top talent. The index catalogues each recipe and its origin for a cook's easy reference. But the pleasure reader will want to dive right into the stories of international (and American) chefs and restaurants. As one who always spends more time reading about cooking than practicing it, I found this a great source of cooking & travel fantasy."—Jane Friedman, Managing Editor, Writers Digest

"An intriguing read…Let's hope that this is the first of a series from the Traveling Hills."—Martha Simmons, Author, cooking enthusiast, former caterer, and armchair food anthropologist, Rockwell, NC

"Our Love Affairs with Food & Travel has a stance as classy as a Rolls-Royce grill"—Cork Milner, Author & Wine Connoisseur, Santa Barbara, CA

"It was fantastic."—Matie Perez, South Africa

"A very interesting book and we are very proud to be included in it."—Austria Trend Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg

"It is a great way to see what other chefs are doing around the globe…"—Craig Cormack, Executive Chef, South Africa

"My enthusiasm for this book is infectious!"—Roland E Cordobés, Author & Investment Counselor, Morgan Stanley, Santa Barbara, CA

"Inspiring…"—Editors of "O" (The Oprah Magazine).

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